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A Sample Day at the Yellow Playschool

We begin every morning with free play. The children's favorite toys are waiting for them along with countless others rotated in and out according to interest and ability. We favor toys that stimulate the child's imagination...puzzles, dolls, dress up, cars and trains, blocks, play dough. Free play time allows the children to get settled and move freely between play areas, friends and staff. With a staff/student ratio of 1 to 4, we are able to meet the needs of everyone.

After we clean up from free play we transition to snack time. Children take turns setting the table. Typical snack options are fresh fruit, whole grain crackers, yogurt and whole grain cereal. Specific children's food allergies /sensitivities are always taken into consideration.

Next is circle time, where children enjoy stories, songs, finger plays, felt board and movement activities. Children are encouraged to participate and communicate with staff and each other.. We are a play-based program, but we seize on opportunities to promote early literacy and math awareness.

Circle time is typically followed by a literature or theme related art activity. Coloring, pasting, painting and cutting are some of the activities the children experience on a daily basis. We always emphasize process over product.

Our music teacher Stephanie Pepitone, brings her guitar one day a week and gives a dynamic and engaging music class that invites singing, movement, and musical instrument accompaniment.  

Our movement teacher, Rebecca Cisin, joins us one day a week. The children improve their fine and gross motor skills in a fun and creative way. Every week there’s a new prop and activity. 

The children have structured and unstructured opportunities for active play. There is no TV, DVD watching or computer games here. Instead we listen to music, dance, and do other fun activities that involve interacting with each other.  In our spacious yard children run, ride, climb, pretend, dig and explore.  Outdoor time varies according to the weather, but with a covered play area available, we can get fresh air daily.

Our final activity is lunch. Nutritious foods are served with an emphasis on whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables. Quesadillas, pasta, rice and beans are a few favorites. Children are offered a variety of foods  and are free to eat as much or as little as they choose. Lunch is not only a time to enjoy our delicious YHP fare, but also a time to focus on socialization and table manners.   

We have a passion for children's literature and our library is extensive. Fragile books are kept out of reach, but the rest are at toddler level. Books are meant to be touched. Rips happen. Children at Yellow House are always encouraged to "read" and are read too often.

Our program is rich with language arts and math activities, but bolstering those skills is not our main focus. Our primary goal is to create a warm, stimulating and safe space where children can develop their social skills. Every year we experience the pleasure of watching our  children

transition from parallel play to being completely engaged with one another. At  Yellow House Playschool, children learn sharing, compassion, patience and develop a sense of community.  

Hours of operations

Monday -Friday 


Extended Days

Tuesdays & Thursdays

8:00am - 4:00pm


Children must be at least 24 months old at the time of enrollment.